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🎄Perry Clause Part One

We are going to be starting a fundraiser this weekend to raise money to adopt families for Christmas ! Last year we adopted a family and it truly touched our hearts so the Perry family decided to do it again but we want to help more then just one family! (Next year we hope to have a non profit for this and help many families) So this year we are going to raise some funds so we can help with more then one family for Christmas.

We will also be asking for Nominations for this year! Most places that are adopting families have closed Nominations already!

Dates to remember:

🎄 Online Donations will start December 5th and end December 13th - info coming soon

🎄 Online Auction will start December 6th and end December 13th - info coming soon

🎁 Nominations emailed to us from you our community starts Now December 3rd - 13th

🎄🎁 To nominate a family email us at please give us information on the family, location, ages of all family members in the home, sizes, likes and dislikes, children is there something on their wish list they want? ( don't put a ps5 down that will not happen sorry 😁

🎁 We will be choosing families December 15th and contact them or the person that nominates them on the 15th! ( we will not be listing names on who we choose since that is personal but we will try to get pictures if ok with families and post!) We will also decide the 15th how many families we can help.

🎁🎄 Presents and dinner to be delivered Christmas Eve!

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