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We have recently changed our name from 

Perry's Trading Post to

Antler Estate & Liquidation Sales. 

We have had a store for years and also servicing some of our customers doing Estate Sales for them.

We truely enjoy doing Estate Sales and have decided to do them full time. 

We travel throughout Oregon doing Estate & Liquidation Sales.

​We are based out of Redmond, Oregon and have 3 children. We as a family enjoy hunting and the outdoors. 


Who We Are:

       All of us at Antler Estate & Liquidation Sales are dedicated to helping people through the process of parting with items of their or a loved one’s estate in a caring, efficient and productive manner.

       Antler Estate & Liquidation Sales is comprised of many family members, as well as lifetime friends, all whom bring a caring atmosphere to our clients.

         We bring a very personal and professional approach to families needing our services.

       Kelly Perry, owner of Perry’s Trading Post & Estate Sales ( now Antler Estate Sales), was born in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Moved to Central Oregon in June 2006. Kelly’s career background was primarily in Retail Sales Management and Woodworking.  His admiration for antiques, buying and selling of items blossomed into a hobby, which coupled with his successful career path, became a good blend to begin Perry’s Trading Post & Estate Sales in the fall of 2008. Kelly is married to Melissa, and they have three children Morgan (19 which helps out with sales), Makayla (9), and Ryan (7). Melissa has worked as a cashier, catering, and Ebay sales also has been working Estate Sales for the past 13 years.
       We have been helping families with their Estate Sales since 2002.Years before we opened our store. We opened our store in Redmond, Oregon fall of 2008 as a Buy, Sell, Trade store. Now we have decided to close our store and just concentrate on our Estate Sales full time and we have a new name Antler Estate & Liquidation Sales!




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