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No matter which company you choose to perform your sale there are several things you must do to prepare. Be sure to do the following:

  • Locate important documents that may be in the home, including insurance papers, deeds, wills, stocks/bonds, accounting papers, etc. If we end up finding some while we set up we will save them for you !

  • Confirm who the legal executor of the estate is ensure that the executor consents to the removal and sale of items.

  • Discuss the contents with family and friends and decide which items you wish to keep and wish items you wish to sell.

  • Sort through personal effects, such as letters and photographs and decide what you wish to keep and what you wish to dispose of.

  • Remove all items from the home that family and friends wish to keep. If this is not possible, place all of these items in one area of the home, such as a bedroom or closet, so that they can easily be hidden during the estate sale.

  • Plan ahead! Many estate sales require weeks or months to organize and conduct.

  • If you plan to sell the home, be sure to coordinate the estate sale with your real estate agent. In some cases, the real estate agent will prefer to show the home with the contents and other times, they prefer to show the home empty. Also ask your real estate agent whether items such as refrigerators, drapes, and outdoor items (such as hot tubs, greenhouses) should stay with the house or be sold.

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