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How We Charge

     Antler Estate & Liquidation Sales charges commission in most situations. Commission is :

30% or $1,500 to Antler Estate Sales whichever is greater. We have a $1,500 minimum because of the work we put into do the sales. We take pride in what we do and try to make the most we can for the estate and us of course.

The break point is the estate to sell $5,000 worth of items and the commission is 30% so if we sell under $5,000 then we would get $1,500 I hope you understand that part. Most people will instead charge a larger percent they will get there money somehow but we did this because it was simple. 

Also another thing we do that most other companies do not do is if we sell lets say a vehicle for you at whatever price you put on it if we sell it for more then $5,000 then we only charge 10% not the full 30%. 

But every client and every situation is different. So as we go through the Estate Contract we will finalize commission percent.

         Our commission is based on:

  • The scope of work involved to stage the estate sale

  • Cleaning and organizing for the sale

  • Projected revenues of the estate sale project

         This is to be determined and negotiated.  Some clients do not need all of the services that we can provide; however, most appreciate the one-stop-shop for our services.


Commissions includes services by Antler Estate & Liquidation Sales:

  • Complete staging and set-up of entire estate

  • Pricing & Tagging items to be sold

  • Research of the items

  • Internet advertising for the estate sale

  • Performing the estate sale and much more


EXTRA’s that we can do for you that helps out at a small fee:

  • Post-sale removal of all remaining unsold items within the estate

  • Clean-out of the entire home including vacuuming, cleaning kitchen & restrooms, clean-out of attic, storage sheds, garages, storage rooms, etc.

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